Emerging Technologies and Social Media

to positively impact healthcare in the Philippines

What is #HealthXPh?

+ #HealthXPh is a  collaborative effort  by healthcare stakeholders to discuss and use, emerging technologies and social  media to positively impact the Philippine health landscape.

+ #HealthXPh aims to educate all healthcare stakeholders.

+ #HealthXPh encourages collaboration and application of emerging technologies to improve delivery of  healthcare.

+ #HealthXPh is open and free to all healthcare stakeholders.

From our #Healthcare Blog

Video Tools for Public Health Promotion

With a new year upon us, our department recently presented our annual accomplishment report.  Health topics included in our advocacies are “Buntis Day” to improve prenatal care and safe motherhood, …

Social Media and Medical Professionalism: A Manifesto from #HealthXPh

+I am a health care provider and I will conduct myself in a manner worthy of my profession, even online. I will not use online platforms to rant or bash patients and healthcare professionals.

+ “First, do no harm.” Recognizing this and the trust that comes with my profession, I will ensure that the information I post, like or share is accurate.

+ Whatever I post online in relation to my clinical expertise should be of benefit to my countrymen. I will prioritize the promotion and advancement of health rather than of medical products. I will not practice plagiarism.

+ I will refrain from posting information online that will compromise patient confidentiality and privacy.

+ I will value the patient’s dignity and privacy by not taking selfies, groufies or videos during encounters with patients that include patients’ body parts, surgical specimens or that show patients in the background without their consent.

Note: To support this manifesto, please fill in the form in this page http://healthxph.net/manifesto .