How #HealthXPh started.

You’ve probably read Dr. Iris Isip-Tan post about how #HealthXPh was born.

How the series of “fortunates events” gave birth to a relentless team of social media, emerging technologies and healthcare advocates, is a surprise even to myself.

It was actually after Typhon Yolanda that I stumbled on Dr. Gia Sison‘s tweets volunteering for a med team to Leyte. I was part of a collaborating Google mappers trying to figure out ways to “map” out evacuation centers and hospitals in the devastated areas. I was a blogger since 2006 thus I knew Dr. Narciso Tapia from blogger friends in Cebu. I was also seeing his tweets on social media. Dr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan was an intern when I entered UP Med  and was a fellow in Endocrinology at PGH when I started residency in Orthopedics there. She was already active at medical informatics unit of UP Manila and a well known authority on informatics and medical apps, by the time I was starting on social media healthcare niche.

How this three people’s tweets and status updates became part of my news feeds and timelines I am not exactly sure. What was interesting though was the flurry of tweets and social media updates “clustered” around Typhoon Yolanda. Dr. Gia Sison, Dr. Iris Isip Tan and Dr. Narciso Tapia were curating social media news and discussion on Typhoon Yolanda efforts.

I got curious. Social media is becoming a convenient mode of communication, information dissemination during and after disasters.

As Yolanda, I connected to more health professionals on social media, curated more health news and pass on calls for support to post Yolanda medical missions and fund raising.  Curating health information via social media became part of my daily routine as an orthopedic surgeon since then.

One day, Dr. Iris Isip Tan tweeted something about  wanting to go to Doctors 2.0 in Paris.

I replied half wishfully: Why not have our own conference?

I once run a blog rounds of Filipino physicians, was organising and speaking on social media events and that, just somehow, embolden me to start a conference? I was nuts. But that started a flurry of conversation on social media that gave birth to #HealthXPh we knew right now. The rest, is history unfolding. 🙂

This is the core #HealthXPh team as of July 7, 2017. We grew in numbers with the addition of Dr. Helen Madamba (6th from left of the picture), Dr. Jaifred Lopez (first from the left of the picture) and Dr. Stephanie Miaco (rightmost in the picture)

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