Patients’ online support groups: Always at your side

When one is not feeling well, it is natural for him or her to look for some sort of support. This is especially true for those considered to be suffering from a chronic, serious or severe illness.

“I’ll be at your side. There’s no need to worry. Together we’ll survive…If you feel like you’re alone and you’ve nowhere to turn, I’ll be at your side.” Music to the ears especially if you are sick, isn’t it? It is very comforting to know that someone’s at your side during the difficult times when you’re ill. The lyrics of the song above may possibly depict what support groups offer to patients.

What are support groups? The Mayo Clinic describes, “Support groups bring together people facing similar issues…” and these issues include illness. There are offline support groups as well as online support groups.

Many patients do also seek for support groups online.

In Facebook search alone, one sees plenty of support groups for patients of various diseases. Beyond Facebook, there are other online support groups using other platforms. They seem to be very popular among patients especially outside the Philippines with many members actively interacting with one another, asking questions, sharing experiences among many other things.

Online support groups appear to be not as common in the Philippines as offline support groups. This may be partly due to the lack of internet connection in many areas in the country. But still, a great number of Filipino patients are connected in the net and they may be missing out on the benefits online support groups may offer. This may be a good time to convince these patients to join a support group.

This Saturday, May 31,  9 PM Philippine Time, let’s talk about support groups in #HealthXPh tweetchat followed by Google Hangout-on-Air .

Specifically, we will be discussing the following questions:

  • T1 Are you a member of an online support group? Which one and what benefits do you gain from membership?
  • T2: As a HCP, do you recommend online support groups? Which groups and why?
  • T3: What are the challenges of putting up and maintaining an online support group? Any tips to address these challenges?

So, we’ll be expecting you to be at our side come Saturday, right?

Meanwhile enjoy listening to the rest of the song.

Song featured above is entitled “I’ll be at Your Side” by the Corrs. 


  1. Nonie Leonidas
  2. Nonie Leonidas