#HealthXPh Tweet Chat Guides


  • Regular  twitter chat (tweet chat hashtag #HealthXPh) will happen every Saturday 9:00 PM Philippine Standard Time (UTC + 8 ) .
  • A #HealthXPh topic will be assigned every chat and its announcement should be at a minimum of 3 days prior to chat.
  • An expert or panel of experts will also be assigned every chat and may come from either the healthcare professionals or patients in #HealthXPh.
  • A moderator will also be assigned each chat. The moderator will be the “lead” in topic assignment, pre chat audience “build up” and post chat summary.
  • For purposes of highly interactive discussions, an audience maybe assigned to lead interactions and questions.
  • Training modules for social media “adoption” for physicians and patients shall be included in the topics for chats.
  • While we are on regular Tweet chat every saturday, discussions will continue on various #HealthXPh topics will continue thru Twitter with the hashtag “#HealthXPh”, facebook in this discussion group and on Google+, in this community

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