Some issues and problems of the nursing profession

It is the nurses who spend the most time with patients in the hospital. Therefore if good patient care is to be achieved, the problems and issues of nurses should also be given importance. As Dr. Albert Hazan (in a KevinMD post) puts it, “patient satisfaction must start with nursing satisfaction“.

Being a nurse is tough. Burnout is known to occur and this has been associated with poor patient outcomes.

Problems related to interprofessional working relationships may also arise which may also affect patient care.

Meanwhile in countries like the Philippines, difficulty in the recruitment of experienced nurses is being observed especially among private hospitals as some nurses eventually leave their hospital for greener pastures abroad.

#HealthXPh would like to focus this week on our beloved nurses.

Let us discuss on December 10 Saturday 9PM Philippine time, the following issues:

T1. What are the causes the high nurse turnover rate and how can these be addressed?

T2. What factors lead to nurse burnout and how can these be addressed?

T3. Cite challenges related to interprofessional working relationship between nurses and doctors and suggest ways to address them.

Hope to see you all there!

We also hope to see some nurses participate in this tweetchat.