Advancing eHealth in the Philippines: Laying Down the Foundations with IT Governance

Information systems are made up of many components and are often complex to build and maintain. These challenges are amplified further when the information system serves complex business processes such as those found in the healthcare domain. From business processes to databases to applications and operating systems to data centers and systems administration, it is easy to get lost in the seeming chaos of business concepts and technologies.

An IT Governance Framework aims to manage this complexity by providing a knowledgebase that can guide implementers in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of their information systems.

To date, there are two popular IT Governance Frameworks. There is ISO 38500 (available for USD99 at and COBIT5 (available for free at  Would you enter an uncharted forest without a compass ? IT Governance is the compass that helps you navigate the complex world of information systems.

Given the above,

  • T1: Do you think IT Governance is applicable to eHealth?
  • T2: Computerizing one hospital is already very complex, how would you even approach doing the same for a whole country?
  • T3:  How can ordinary citizens contribute to the national eHealth strategy?

These are the questions we will discuss this coming Saturday 9 PM for our special edition of the #HealthXPh tweetchat. Joining us as resource person is Undersecretary Dr. Ted Herbosa of the Department of Health (DOH) Philippines.

The following links can serve as additional background information for this Saturday’s tweetchat:

See you at the #HealthXPH tweetchat.


Special thanks to Dr. Alvin Marcelo for the above post.

Dr. Alvin Marcelo is the current Chair of the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) and the team leader of the eHealth Program Management Office of the National eHealth Governance Steering Committee and Technical Working Group. He also serves as eHealth Adviser to the Department of Health (of the Philippines).

Dr. Marcelo will moderate this Saturday’s tweetchat.