Are House calls a thing of the past?

Some say that house calls that were common a century ago is now dead. Some think this is so because they believe that the medical profession requires the use of more stuff that a medical bag can carry. For some healthcare professionals, house calls are not just feasible. Others would say that the reason why a house call was common before is because there were no doctors’ offices unlike now.

But others will also argue that house calls are making a comeback. Some would actually prefer house calls over a visit in the doctor’s office. “Appointments have become increasingly rushed and impersonal”, was a reason cited by this article.

There are even apps (Heal, Pager, etc.)  that help bring doctors to your doorstep utilizing the Uber model where instead of a car or SUV, a doctor shows up on your doctor within 60 minutes after a request with the help of the app.

And there are apps that create a virtual house call where patients see their physician via a webcam. An example is Doctor On Demand. Locally, there are also websites that facilitate virtual house calls.

And so we ask,

T1. Do house calls still have a place in modern medicine?

T2. When are virtual physician house calls potentially useful?

T3. What do you think of the Uber model for bringing HCPs to a house call?

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