Can I record this clinic visit?

Recording audios/videos of consultations are known to happen in clinics and it is known to be initiated not only by patients but also by healthcare professionals (HCPs) in some instances as well.

For video recording of consults, the reasons for videoing and the reactions toward videoing vary as illustrated in this post talking about the experience of a fictitious character named Dr. Byte checking out an online forum. The same may also be true regarding reactions to audio recording of consults. There may be concerns whether these recordings made by patients may be admissible in court and may only result to defensive medicine.

For some patients, recording audio or video of a consult is a form of note-taking so as not to miss anything said or instructed. For some HCPs, it is considered a way to evaluate communication and consultation skills so as to improve these skills. For others, consultation audios/videos may be used as educational tools. Some even require consultation videos as part of the assessment prior to the giving of a Certificate of Completion of Training.

Digital recording during clinic visits is our topic this Saturday (January 24, 2015) on #HealthXPh . We ask:

T1 Does a patient require the doctor’s consent to record a consultation?

T2 As an HCP, when will you consent or refuse audio/video recording of a clinic visit?

T3 As a patient, when will you consent or refuse audio/video recording of a clinic visit?

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