Crowdsourcing a Research Agenda for Occupational Safety and Health

I was invited to a Meeting on Research Mapping on Occupational Safety and Health by the Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Center (DOLE OSHC) and attending the meeting was an eye-opener.

I realized that indeed in terms of research, occupational safety and health topics are somewhat lacking. And yet there are many issues regarding occupational safety and health that need are attention (among them occupational safety and health issues involving healthcare workers).

If I remember correctly, I cannot recall an item in National Unified Health Research Agenda for the Philippines in recent years that specifically addresses an occupational safety and health issue.  And so I promised one of the Occupational Health Officers of OSHC to help them with the task of coming up with a research agenda for occupational safety and health through crowdsourcing via #HealthXPh tweetchat this coming Saturday August 27, 9PM Philippine time. Your contribution to this conversation will be very much appreciated.

Here are the questions for this coming tweetchat:

T1. What occupational safety and health (OSH) issues are important to be addressed as a priority in your area/ region?

T2. What OSH-related research topics, questions or problems can you suggest to researchers?

T3. What are barriers to OSH-related research?

And perhaps I might add, how can social media help promote health in the workplace?

Let’s talk about Occupational Safety and Health and see you this Saturday.