Draft of the Patient’s Manifesto for Online/Social Media Behavior

Patients and Patient advocates who drafted the Patient's Manifesto during the #hcsmph2016

Patients and Patient advocates who drafted the Patient’s Manifesto during the #hcsmph2016

The #HealthXPh-organized 2nd Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit held in Manila, Philippines last April 21, 2016 saw the beginnings of the creation of a Patient’s Manifesto for Social Media Behavior. The said summit being a Patients Included conference (the first in the Philippines), it was attended by patients and patient advocates who crafted the draft of the said Patient’s Manifesto. The aforementioned draft is currently undergoing approval by different patients’ groups spearheaded by the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO). Below is the draft which may still have some revisions pending its approval:

  1. I am a patient; I will be responsible in using my social media account to uphold not only my rights but my healthcare providers’ rights as well. If there are grievances, I will not resort to airing them or ranting in social in social media but will instead inform directly the healthcare individual or institution concerned.
  1. I will think before I post information and will ensure it is factual and backed up by evidence and ultimately helpful in empowering the patient.
  1. I will use social media to share honest and accurate information about a product or service, and in doing so will not put down other people for the purpose of promoting it.
  1. I understand that no two people are the same, no two diseases are alike; therefore, not all outcomes after using a product or service are the same.
  1. I will refrain from posting information, photos or videos that will compromise patient confidentiality and privacy or violate a fellow patient’s dignity.
  1. I will responsibly solicit help by stating a clear purpose and ensuring accurate information. I will provide prompt acknowledgement with full transparency and accountability of support received.
  1. I will not promote the practice of organ trafficking or organ selling for transplant.