Effective Social Media Campaigns for Health

Nowadays, the interest in using social media for public health campaigns seems to be growing, however there is a challenge in online engagement which may result to behavior change. Locally public health organizations are now open to using social media as a tool for both education and advocacy. But in a world that is too engrossed in politics and other matters how can we make a positive change or impact in the way we carry out public health campaigns via social media.

Health promotion campaigns through social media will require working with traditional media channels and incorporating new methods that will lead to effective messaging. One advantage of social media is that it could be less intensive when it comes to resources and less cost compared to an actual TV advertisement but is it just as effective?

Social media holds a great potential to deliver innovative and cost-effective public health campaigns online, but we have yet to evaluate the effectiveness of these campaigns. For us to begin there is a need to develop effective online social marketing campaigns geared towards the promotion of health, this chat will be about working towards developing best practices in being able to make effective social media campaigns for health with the following questions –

T1- What can public health learn from the corporate sector in terms of carrying on an effective social media campaign?

T2- How can one effectively approach a social media campaign involving health? What are the factors that one should consider?

T3- Give an example of a healthcare social media campaign that has worked and eventually got sustained. What do you think was the best practice applied?

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