Exploring online continuing medical education for physicians

(#HealthXPH welcomes Dr. Carl Dwight Demetria as guest moderator for its tweet chat on June 21,2014 9 pm PHT.  Dr. Carl Demetria , an Emergency Medical Physician practicing in Iloilo City wrote this blog post for #HealthXPh.  Dr. Demetria is interested in exploring possibilities of online continuing education for physicians in the Philippines.)

Continuing medical education (CME) is defined as educational activities that serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, performance, and relationships a physician or other health care provider uses to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession. Maintaining lifelong knowledge and skills is essential for safe clinical practice.

According to Marinopoulous et al, CME appears to be effective at the acquisition and retention of knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviors and clinical outcomes. A review done by Wutoh et al showed that Internet-based CME programs are just as effective in imparting knowledge as traditional formats of CME. Ahmed et al suggest that new CME interventions must emphasize actual performance and should correlate with clinical outcomes, with improved CME practice resulting to continued critical reflection, practice modification and implementation with a focus towards excellent patient care.

Our topic is the potential use of the Internet and mobile devices to ensure that physicians and other health care providers keep up to date with current clinical knowledge and skills.

  • T1. In what ways do you currently participate in continuing medical education activities to update your medical knowledge?
  • T2. How do you utilize the internet to augment clinical knowledge ?
  • T3.  How can specialty societies utilize the internet to make sure their members have current knowledge?

CT: How will an Internet-based CME program improve outcomes and ensure safe clinical practice?

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