Medical Education in Social Media

In today’s era of fast paced technology and innovation we sometimes wonder if the traditional LCD projectors flashed before our eyes will be phased out soon to be replaced by virtual presence and portals to transport our professors in a telemedicine type of learning environment. During my medical education days I was used to writing our reports in cardboard stick them on the whiteboard and present during grand rounds or develop slides for the good ‘ol projector to flash, fast forward more than 10 years and I find myself learning more for continuing medical education using social media as my main tool.

For today’s discussion at #HealthXPh let’s discuss the way forward in medical education via use of social media guided by the following questions:

T1- Can social media be used as a tool for medical education? Why?
T2- What social media tools can you recommend for medical education?
T3- What are the barriers for using social media in medical education?

The above topic applies to all health-related courses and other allied health fields, the more the merrier!

See you at #HealthXPh January 31, 2015 at 9pm Manila time/ 8am EST!


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