Mental Health and Social Media

Recently when we held the 3rd Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit, during the Unconference portion where the participants led the discussions themselves, I was particularly struck when a question leading to the state of mental health is in the Philippines, I am not quite sure how it was phrased but it really led to a lot of triggers and issues leading to burnout and depression. It even mentioned something about the accuracy of online testings to more or less check if one is suffering from it.

A lot of support groups are already beginning to make themselves felt in the Philippines but a challenge is its sustainability in my opinion. We would love to hear how you, our global audience, practice and sustain support groups as one area in the multifaceted dimension of Mental Healthcare specially now when the Philippine Mental Health Act has already been approved by our Senate.

And so we hope to see you at #HealthXPh even for just an hour to brainstorm on the following –

T1- What are the roles that social media can play in the approach to mental health?
T2- What are some of the best practices in support groups?
T3- How do you think we can sustain support groups?

Closing thought matters and so at the end of the chat we’d like to encourage everyone to give a shoutout of encouragement for those needing one, we all need it in the first place.

See you at #HealthXPh May 6 at 9pm MLA/9am EST!