Molding Patients as Partners

I got the inspiration to write and talk about this topic from our colleagues over at #HCLDR. I personally find it very applicable in our daily lives as doctors, nurses, healthcare practitioners in being able to partner with our patients to be able to deliver the best care. As a doctor I would personally want to achieve partnership with my patients since it, in itself, plays a big role in the healing process as a whole. In the world of care, patient empowerment and involvement is a major key in making systems work – complicated ones at that broken into simple and doable parts. Non compliance is an issue not only because of the cost but I find that the physician-patient relationship plays a role in this. With the dawn of technology nowadays access to patients become easier and vice versa but how do we achieve the model of patients as partners?

Photo credits to the The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston

With this join us at #HealthXPh on February 4 at 9pm MLA/8am EST as we discuss the following –

T1- How do you define the term patient as partners?
T2- What are the challenges one faces in being able to achieve a good working partnership, both HCPs and patients?
T3- Name ways in which we can achieve to make patients as partners in healthcare both from an HCP’s standpoint and patient.

See you!