Road safety, a continuing major public health concern

Screenshot taken from the WHO website on Road Safety 

1.25 Million deaths every year worldwide…10,379 estimated road traffic fatalities in the Philippines in 2013….What a waste of precious life…all preventable.

We need not go far to realize the existence of the problem. In the Philippines, there is always news regarding road accidents. Just this April, at least 32 died from a bus plunging into a deep ravine in Nueva Ecija. Last February, at least 14 of around 50 on a field trip were killed as a bus bound to Tanay, Rizal hit an electric post. So many deaths and injuries from road accidents despite the existence of seatbelt laws, laws on the use of motorcycle helmets, laws regulating speed limit and those prohibiting drunkdriving. How many more will have to die before road safety is properly addressed?

As the World Health Organization (WHO) puts it, road safety is a public health issue.

#HealthXPh will tackle the problem of road safety in this Saturday’s tweetchat (May 13, 2017 Manila time).  We hope to have different stakeholders (including policymakers and those from the government) come together to discuss the following:

  1. Why do you think road safety continues to be a problem?
  2. What possible solutions do you propose to address the problem in road safety?
  3. What can we do in social media to contribute to solving this problem?

Invite as many as you can to this very relevant topic. See you in Twitter.