Self-diagnosis: Why some patients hesitate going to a doctor

Quite a lot of patients post questions about symptoms they or their loved one experience and instead of going to a doctor or to their doctor, they resort to either:

  1. searching Google or the net for information about these  symptoms and decide on their own on what to do or what meds to take based on these info including from others experiencing same symptom
  2. ask others online, not necessarily doctors (could be fellow patients) about what to do
  3. have their selves undergo lab tests based on info from the net or from peers and even posting their results online (potentially for the public to see) asking others for their opinion
  4. try untested interventions without their doctor’s advice

Basically, some patients really do self-diagnosis and we would like to understand why they do so instead of going to a doctor. I even notice some already diagnosed patients who already have their own doctor, hesitate to go back to their doctor when experiencing a new symptom and instead ask online. Even meds to take are being asked online.

This Saturday, September 15, 2017, 9PM Philippine time, let us discuss the following issues:

T1. What are the dangers of self-diagnosis?

T2. What are factors that make patients hesitate to seek doctor’s consult?

T3. How do we address these two related issues? 

We would love to hear also from patients. Both patients and healthcare professionals are welcome in this tweetchat. Do not forget to use the hashtag #HealthXPh in your tweets during the chat.