Video Tools for Public Health Promotion

With a new year upon us, our department recently presented our annual accomplishment report.  Health topics included in our advocacies are “Buntis Day” to improve prenatal care and safe motherhood, “Scarlet May” to intensify cervical cancer screening and “Watercolor Workshop for Doctors” to increase awareness for prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV infection.

I am sure other people have personal health advocacies to promote.  Imagine the impact on patient care if doctors were to bring these offline advocacies online, where most of our patients are, anyway.

The beauty of social media is that you can decide for yourself the content that you put on your social media channel, and you can control the logistics such as the duration, frequency and dissemination of short videos which you can create at the comfort of your homes.  Many of the anxiety of patients come with not knowing or understanding their condition.  With healthcare providers creating public health promotion videos, this helps them improve their communication skills, helping patients understand their diagnosis and providing comfort and support.

Dr Willie Ong is one such Filipino doctor who has maximized social media to promote public health on his youtube channel with 338K+ followers and facebook page with millions of followers.

Our every own Dr Iris Thiele Isip-Tan has started her own youtube channel “Isang Minuto para Matuto kay Dok Bru” (one minute to learn from Doc Bru) which shares about common endocrinologic disorders like diabetes mellitus.  We draw inspiration from this personal initiative to promote public health through videos.

With EMPOWERMENT of both healthcare professionals and patients as one of our goals in #HealthXPH, let us talk about social media tools for public health promotion on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 9PM MLA time and 8AM EST:

  1. What health topic needs the most help from health promotion videos in your area?
  2. What video editing apps do you use for health promotion videos?
  3. What tips can you share to make your health promotion videos attract attention?

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