Sustaining Connectivity in Healthcare 

With the dawn of technology and complicated workflows in healthcare Inwould sometimes wonder how the patient-physician relationship is affected. We’re talking about technology augmenting the seemingly lack of healthcare professionals with the patients we see, at least in the Philippine setup. Hospitals and healthcare providers nowadays habe an urgent requirement for connected devices and health IT solutions not only to manage healthcare  but also to qualify “meaningful use” requirements and be eligible for compliance in electronic records management as lifted from Healthcare IT News.

This will be short post since it’s time pressed but let’s go discuss some concerns and challenges in the adoption of healthcare technology in today’s times-

T1 How do you sustain the physician-patient realtionship in today’s healthcare filled times?

T2- How do you make the healthcare IT more “adaptable” for those who ate challenged by it?

T3/ How do you foresee the progress of healthcare IT bein today’s trending healthcare issues?

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