The Future of Healthcare in the Net

Today was a remarkable day for Philippine healthcare in the Internet, we celebrated our 20th year with a session conducted face-to-face and via Webex for those who are unable to be physically present on-site, spearheaded by the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN), at #HealthNet2020.

#HealthXPh was fortunate to be invited by Dr. Alvin Marcelo ( @amarcelo ) to talk about how we came about collaborating the present advocacy we have and so we did. There were a lot of topics about health informatics and its past, present and future use in healthcare in the internet domain. To quote a section in the paragraph at the AeHIN website ( – According to Dr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin, AeHIN Co-Chair, one among the hurdles in standards adoption in countries in Southeast Asia is the lack of a national authority dedicated in eHealth development which results to conflicting and often misaligned eHealth efforts in different ministries. Human resources for health IT and means to support them add the challenge.

With this as a take-off point we enjoin you, our dear colleagues to join us for another #HealthXPh chat and a celebration too at that on the Philippine Healthcare’s 20th year in the Internet:

T1- When was the first time you used the Internet as a healthcare professional and what did you use it for?

T2- In your opinion what is/are the most significant contribution/s of the Internet in healthcare?

T3- Moving forward, how do you envision the future of healthcare in the net to be?

Ending message: What is your take-home message to share with the community?

We look forward to celebrate with you on March 29 at 10:00 AM Manila Philippines time. Cheers!