The Hospital Rating System that I want

Online Hospital rating systems have existed in countries like the United States. Only recently did the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) launched its own Hospital Advisor, described by the Hospital Advisor DOH website as an “online tool enabling patients to review, choose, and interact with the different hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country. It is a crowd-sourced platform that will offer advice from millions of Filipino patients on the services, healthcare personnel, rates, and general information on all hospitals including both government and private facilities.” The video above demonstrates how it works.

There are some skeptics of some hospital rating systems as this article tells us questioning accuracy.

This week therefore, we will discuss Hospital Rating Systems with the following trigger questions:

T1. Do you think a Hospital Rating System will be helpful in improving healthcare service delivery? Why or why not?

T2. What features are you looking for in a Hospital Rating System?

T3. For hospitals in your area, what improvements do you suggest for the Hospital Rating System?

Join us tonight 9pm Philippine time December 5, 2015 or 8pm EST or 7am CT for another interesting topic in the regular #HealthXPh tweetchats.