The Media in Social

I have been a regular participant in the Bioethics chat #bioethx held every Monday at 8:30 pm EST run by Dr. Jen Chevinsky, various topics revolving around bioethics are discussed during the chat but a particular topic caught my attention — topic of which was about the intertwining role of media and physicians. Several global happenings have been occurring lately which technically speaking is “media-attractive”. Whenever news is presented or even television episodes are shown that would require a medical scene to be shown we would always end up looking for its source for credibility purposes.

With this being said we at #HealthXPh would like to discuss the collaboration of media in the realm of healthcare, presenting the following questions:

1- What is your definition of responsible healthcare social media journalism?
2- Should every venue that would entail delivery of healthcare information require a medical correspondent for it to be considered credible?
3- Should there be guidelines set in media when healthcare information is delivered?

Join us as we exchange thoughts on the said topic on Saturday, September 27 at 9pm MLA time, 9am EST. See you!

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