The Rise of Healthcare Startups

Healthcare startup* is a team of passionate people with a great idea /subsequently designing and delivering a new product or service/ to solve a problem in healthcare where the solution is not obvious/ under conditions of extreme uncertainty. Healthcare start-ups make products that cater to a niche in healthcare in ways that haven’t been done before.

Healthcare startups are said to be “booming” in this golden age for entrepreneurship driven by health reforms, demand for better care and the adoption of technology.  More than 7000 healthcare startups are reported to develop globally. In the Philippines, health startups are also starting to emerge, many of them health-focused tech startups. With the rise of these startups, there is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, those in the healthcare field and various sectors of society to come together to transform healthcare, solve many problems in it and improve healthcare service delivery.

#HealthXPh discusses startups in this Saturday’s tweetchat (June 24, 2017 at 9 PM Manila time).

Let us talk about the following:

T1. What are the advantages of having healthcare startups?

T2. What challenges do healthcare startups face in your area?

T3. What healthcare issue/s or concern/s do you want to be addressed by a healthcare startup?



*Definition combined from several definitions of startups from various individuals including mainly Eric Ries, Axel Schultze, Noel Baron, and Sakshi Bali