Using abbreviations in medical practice or healthcare: Yea or Nay?

medical abbreviations

Abbreviations are prevalent in medical practice. They are seen in prescriptions, in doctors’ orders, laboratory requests and results, in medical records and they are even used during verbal communications among healthcare professionals. Perhaps they are prevalent since some find benefits in using them. Or perhaps with the current use of SMS and social media messaging apps, text speak along with it other abbreviations have become commonplace in medical practice also. However many would also argue that these abbreviations are prone to be misinterpreted or error-proned and thus impact patient safety. There are some studies which cover this topic like this one and one by this author.  But we would like to hear your thoughts regarding this in this upcoming tweetchat.

We will discuss the following:

T1. What are possible advantages of using abbreviations in medical practice?

T2. What are possible disadvantages of using abbreviations in medical practice?

T3. As a healthcare professional or patient, give examples of confusing abbreviations encountered related to healthcare.

Are you for or against using abbreviations in healthcare or medical practice?

See you tomorrow January 20, 2018, Saturday 9PM Manila time at the #HealthXPh tweetchat.