All Set for the 2nd #HealthXPh Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit (#hcsmph) at the PICC

We are doubly excited!

Since #HealthXPh started three years ago, the co-founders have been creating venues for stakeholders to explore the use of disruptive technologies in healthcare. This is our core objective- educate health professionals and patients, let stakeholders explore disruptive technologies such as social media to better healthcare in the Philippines. #HealthXPh took advantage of social media platforms- blogs (, twitter (@healthXPh), Facebook, Google, G Hangouts, Linkedin, Periscope and the like, to achieve this core objective. We’ve spoke and sent influencers to local and international conferences on disruptive technologies. Our engagement strategy included consultancy to health organizations on matters of social media and other disruptive technologies. We even have provided insights on social media etiquettes for policy makers and institutions. Our conversion call to action endpoint is that all health stakeholders will ethically use beneficial disruptive technologies to improve the Philippine healthcare landscape.

The success of the first #HealthXPh Healthcare Social Media Summit in Cebu last year was proof social media is taking Philippine healthcare in a sweep, whether stakeholders like it or not. As #HealthXPh’s maiden summit, we structured the conference as an introduction to social media health, providing inspiration, stories, education, advocacies and ethical dimensions to a burgeoning disruptive health technology. We’ve learned a lot of insights and opportunities from the first summit, heralding the uniquely workshop styled second summit this 2016.

In this upcoming second summit in Manila on April 21, 2016, #HealthXPh will be bringing the discussion a step further into the healthcare social media landscape . “From click to brick” (this year’s summit tagline) will teach participants ethical, practical and hands on social media skills to level up their healthcare portfolio. #HealthXPh will hope to teach participants basic social media skill and align it with their healthcare goals. Again, as part of our engagement strategy/conversion/ call to action timeline, we want healthcare stakeholders to be at ease, confident and ethically guided with the use of social media to achieve healthcare goals.

We partnered with top notch healthcare organizations, providers and stakeholders- DOST-PCHRD, Health Informatics, 101 Health Research, UP Medical Informatics Unit and Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations, to host this event. We’ve prepared an A-list of speakers, pioneers in the use of social media in Philippine Health. We have pre selected summit participants, key influencers to efficiently deliver summit objectives. We hope to receive feedback and insights into the success of this summit so we can improve on our goals in the upcoming discussion platforms.

The summit program can be accessed by downloading mobile android app, here. Here’s a preview of the summit program.

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I am inviting all healthcare stake holders- health professionals, patients, advocates, policy makers, ethicist and health disruptive tech influencers to attend this summit. We are still accepting walk ins but you will be transferred to another track if your tack of choice is already filled. So hurry!

Summit registration is free, but you have to signup and answer questions in this link. Lastly show up early for the summit. If you received confirmation letters to attend and but will not be around before summit tracks begin, we will give the slot to the waiting list for that track.

We will be live streaming the summit on our different social media platforms- blog, twitter, facebook, periscope and web ex. Follow summit proceedings on twitter by using hashtag #hcsmph and #healthxph with corresponding track subhashtags.  Webex, Google Youtube live,  live streaming will be provided on The summit will be live too on Periscope.

Disclosure: #HealthXPh is a healthcare startup co -founded three years ago that provides social media platform for discussion and exploration on the use of disruptive technologies to improve Philippine healthcare. The author co-founded #HealthXPh.