Call for Papers to the Healthcare Social Media Summit 2015

On February 2015, we will connect healthcare to the rest of the digital world through the 1st Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit in Cebu City, Philippines. In this event, we will be celebrating “Synergies in Social Media and Healthcare.

Tracks to be covered in this summit:

  • Track 1. Social Media and Medical Professionalism
    Social media is changing the way healthcare professionals are interacting with patients. This presents both opportunities and challenges for medical professionalism.
  • Track 2. Protecting Patient Privacy & Confidentiality on Social Media
    Confidentiality refers to the safeguarding of information disclosed to a healthcare professional during care. Privacy pertains to a patient’s expectation that his health information will be protected. Both privacy and confidentiality must be protected on social networks.
  • Track 3. Social Media and Health Promotion
    Social media provides a unique platform for health promotion with its potential to reach many in a two-way conversation.
  • Track 4. Social Media and Health Professions Education
    It has long been recognized that there is a social aspect to learning. Social media by enabling collaboration and community building can be a valuable tool in education.
  • Track 5. Patient Stories on Social Media
    Patients have been telling stories and sharing their journeys long before social media existed. Social media can amplify these narratives in powerful ways.

We will welcome contributions such as academic papers, case studies, works-in-progress and proposals for round table discussion along, but not limited to the tracks indicated above. We are open to engaging speakers from the sectors mentioned below:

  • Professional societies in healthcare with interest and experience in discussing the use of social media in their work, workplace or profession.
  • Ethicists, lawyers and legal counsel who are adept in and who advocate protecting Patient Privacy & Confidentiality on Social Media.
  • Officials, authorities, representatives and key influencers from the Department of Health, and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with experience in using social media and advertising for health promotion.
  • Professors, students and representatives from colleges and universities with experience in utilizing social media for health professions education.
  • Healthcare bloggers, modern-day patients and netizens who are adept in using and sharing their healthcare stories on Social Media.

Guidelines for Submission of Contributions to the Summit:

Where to submit papers:

  • Email your papers/proposals to


  • a. Title (and subtitle, if desired)
  • b. Short description – Limit to 30 words. This is a summary of the main idea and will appear in conference program.
  • c. Longer description- Please limit to 200 words. This will be used to evaluate the proposal for acceptance and to determine the appropriate session in which it will be included.
  • If a research paper is being submitted, please include the following: Research statement (or question); methodology, results, conclusions and implications.
  • If a case study or work in progress is being submitted, please include the following: framework upon which the application or work is based and a description (what was designed or developed, how was it implemented, in what setting and with whom?).
    d. Track selection – Please indicate under which track the submission fits best.


  • a. The deadline for submission is Jan 5, 2015.
  • b. The authors will be informed of acceptance of their contributions by Jan 19, 2015. Work that is not accepted for oral presentation will be considered for poster presentation.