Can Pharmaceutical Companies Engage Patients or MDs in Facebook?

It is not a secret that commercial brands have recognized the power of social media and tapped it to reach out to their consumers. In Facebook. many brand pages have been made for this.

With patients increasingly turning to the internet for information on health matters, Pharmaceutical companies too are beginning to embrace social media with some companies already building Facebook brand or community pages to engage both physicians and patients. But there are Pharmaceutical  companies that are hesitant to use social media because of various concerns as mentioned here. This article also mentions of a draft FDA guidance  in January 2014 on how FDA may regulate pharma’s interactive online media usage. There might also be concerns on the side of patients and physicians. Thus, the following questions beg to be answered:

T1 Can pharmaceutical companies engage with patients on Facebook? If yes, how?

T2 Can pharmaceutical companies engage with healthcare providers on Facebook? If yes, how?

T3 What should physicians do when pharmaceutical representatives friend request on Facebook?

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