Challenges chronic dialysis patients face and how to address them

The start of dialysis is a life-changing moment for chronic kidney disease patients. Dialysis patients potentially have so many questions. Unfortunately, many are afraid to ask their doctor or their nephrologist. Proof are the questions and posts found in online support groups. It is  a known fact that there are really patients who fear speaking up and ask their doctors as pointed out by studies such as mentioned in this article.  Plus there are doctors who don’t explain the drugs they prescribed to their patients.  In short, poor doctor-patient communication does exist and may pose a problem.

Some patients would resort to asking fellow patients. Now if the latter themselves did not have the opportunity for health teachings or health education from their doctor or the other HCPs caring for them, then they might give inaccurate information to a fellow patient which in turn might spread the wrong info.

There are also many challenges dialysis patients face because of the changes that result from their condition. Some would even have a hard time coping with these.

Let us bring these issues upfront and together suggests ways to address these issues, concerns and challenges. I invite everyone including dialysis patients and their doctors to discuss  tonight October 31, 2015 at 9 PM Philippine time, the following:

T1. What are the medical information needs of patients undergoing dialysis?

T2. What are the challenges chronic dialysis patients face living with their condition?

T3. How can social media help in addressing these needs, issues and challenges?