Crowdsourcing #HealthXPh Social Media manifesto!

Last Feb 14, 2014 edition of  #HealthXPh tweet chat and hangout on air,  we started building up statements to a crowdsourced manifesto on social media and medical professionalism. As a crowdsourced list of statements, we believe this manifesto will evolve so long as social media platforms and the healthcare community evolves. When this manifesto gain sufficient statements, we will formally ask interested healthcare professionals to sign up and own this social media manifesto.

Social media manifesto for healthcare professionals

Social media manifesto for healthcare professionals

The bottomline is this: as a healthcare professional (not just physicians), this is your manifesto on social media. It expresses what you intend to do or what’s your preferred actions on social media platforms as a healthcare professional.

Again, a manifesto is different from a guideline or a policy. Guidelines and policies are based on a laws and is enforced by a governing body. We don’t have governing bodies and laws yet  that specifically police social media and the healthcare profession. A manifesto is more of a self intent, a commitment thats comes from within rather than from external forces.

Dr. Iris Isip-Tan started an editable google document where you can add up your statements to this social media manifesto. Please read carefully the guide on how to add your statements. But never forget to actually add your statements! Don’t worry and leave the editing to us. We at #HealthXPh will try our best to maintain the wordings of the statement as originally posted.

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For comments, suggestions and other concerns, comment below or contact us here at #HealthXPh tru this page.