Conventions Made Out of the Box

Taking our cue from International conferences that have made such a huge impact via use of social media, we, together with colleagues from the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) and Philippine Society of General Internal Medicine (PSGIM) will be covering both of these conventions live via twitter through hashtags #UnCon2014 for the PSGIM conference starting May 4, 2014 and #PCP14 for the PCP conference starting May 5-7, 2014.

We at #HealthXPh have all personally witnessed benefits and loads of learning from conventions we have “attended” and participated as well via twitter, now reaping its benefits by good practice in the profession.

Here are the topics to be covered which are very interesting and which we enjoin you, our global colleagues to join in and send your thoughts as well, after all, we leave no one behind when it comes to continuing medical education for healthcare professionals and our dear patients.

By the way, the convention of the PSGIM which kicks off on May 4 bears the theme “Unconvention: Wellness Facts, Hacks and Quacks” which in itself is innovative, thus the hashtag #UnCon2014 , here are the topics lined up– Executive Checkups: Grand Slam or Grand Scam?; Changing Lifestyle; Futile or Utile; Adult Vaccination: Is the Needle worth the prick; PURE Preliminary Results; Wellness Financing: Who will pay for an ounce of prevention?; Research workshop on making a research paper (this should be interesting!)

The PCP convention kicks off May 5-7 bears the theme Inclusive Growth: Walang Iwanan (Leaving No One Behind), hashtag #PCP14 Topics lined up– Health Inequities; Non-Communicable Diseases; The YOLANDA Experience (Lessons Learned); Driving Us Nuts: Psychiatry For the Internist; Prescribing By Numbers: The Curse of the PRE; The Pregnant Woman with Chronic Disease; Are you Smarter than your Smartphones?; Skin Therapy: Back to Herbals; Peripheral Vascular Disease at Centerstage; Philhealth101 For the Internist; How to Avoid Lawsuits; Human Resource Development in Healthcare; Why HIV Should be Every Internist’s Business; The SIN Tax Battle; Facebook For Doctors: Use, Abuse, Misuse…Confused? (featuring our very own #HealthXPh co-collaborator Dr Remo Aguilar!) ; Kidney Donors in Life Or in Death; Work-Life Balance; Antibiotic Stewardship; The Free Full Text Bias; Inequity in Access to Unbiased Information featuring the Clinical Editor of The Cochrane Collaboration, Dr. Sera Tort; Professional Ethics for the Practical Internist; Unraveling the Contribution of Doctors to the Philippine Medical Profession and Society; A case Based Discussion on Peri-Operative Medicine; Patients’ Take On End-Of-Life Care; The Pre-Employment Examination; A Case-Based Discussion on Medicating the Geriatric Patient.

Pardon the high volume word count but we needed to really expound on the vast topics that will be covered and needless to say it will be a first from our end of the globe to have a convention covered via social media.

Join us as we embark on endless medical education both on the clinical side and practical, follow the hashtags #UnCon2014 and #PCP14 from May 4-7! We learn together and from each other. See you!


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