Cutting the Noise and Listening to Patients’ Voice on Social Media

“Who voices out the patients’ side on your social media healthcare discussions?”

Inclusive Health
#HealthXPh was founded on an idea that various healthcare stakeholders particularly the patients, will finally have a voice in the discussions of health on various social platforms. In fact #HealthXPh believed social media will bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals in the discussions of health. How #HealthXPh would do this has been our most challenging task since the early days of our social media engagement. We have few success in the past, enabling patients and patient advocates to talk on various social media health forums but never a consistent engagement that we projected over two years ago. We wanted patients to actively engage healthcare professionals and other healthcare stakeholders in the discussions of health on social media platforms.

Social media divide?
Social media is a game changer in all aspects of human endeavours nowadays- politics, governance and even health. Internet and social media undeniably democratised access to health. The upsurge of social media discussions on health among patients is evident. Apart from few, rare exchanges we see on social media in developed nations, discussions between patients and healthcare professionals barely took off. Why?

Culture? Cyberbullying? Privacy or confidentiality issues? No one really knew.

In this edition of #HealthXph tweet chat we’re interested in the answer to this challenge. We’re crowdsourcing ideas to help engage more patients in our discussions of health on social media. #HealthXPh wants to hear the “patient’s voice” too.

T1. Should there be a “patient voice” on social media discussions about health?Why or Why not?
T2. What are the challenges to engaging patients on social media?
T3. In what ways can we improve patient engagement on healthcare social media discussions?

At #HealthXPh we’d like to hear your voice! Join us on our discussion this Saturday February 20, 2016 9:00PM Manila Time as we discuss how to cut the noise and listen to the patients voice on social media.