Health Blogging 101, anyone?

There are many bloggers out there. Some of them patients writing about their experiences related to their health. Others are healthcare professionals, including physicians who do not necessarily blog about healthcare as listed in this post by Dr. Remo Aguilar.

Let’s talk about health or healthcare blogging.

In the Philippines, #HealthXPh has recently learned that there is an association known as the Philippine Health Bloggers Society who had their first meet up last December. It is a good sign that Filipino healthcare workers are starting to use the internet and social media to have an impact on healthcare, an advocacy we share here in #HealthXPh. We have yet to get acquainted with some of their members but we do hope they join us along with other health bloggers and other tweetchatters this Saturday 10 AM Philippine time for another #HealthXPh tweetchat followed by a Google Hangout-on-Air where we discuss the following:

T1. Is blogging still relevant as a tool for healthcare? Can healthcare benefit from blogging? How?

T2. How does one become a responsible health blogger?

T3. What are the ways to promote your blog posts about health or healthcare so that it will have a wider reach?

It is our hope that with the help of this discussion, we might somehow inspire others to start blogging about healthcare, if not continue to blog about healthcare with more passion and dedication.

See you in Saturday’s tweetchat!

Important Note:  In observance of the Holy Week, #HealthXPh will NOT have a tweetchat and Hangout-on-Air (HOA) on April 19 10 AM Philippine time. We will resume our regular tweetchat and HOA on April 26, 2014 10 AM Philippine time.


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