Is there a place for social media in health research?

Social media is here even in the healthcare landscape and it is changing the way healthcare professionals interact with patients including the sharing or dissemination of information. Some of the social media trends mentioned to have an impact on healthcare fall in the area of crisis readiness, educating patients, improving prevention and patient empowerment. But health research? Hmmm….

Let’s find that out together this Saturday 9PM Philippine time during the #HealthXPh tweetchat where we ask,

T1. Can health research be done using social media tools? How? Cite examples.
T2. What are potential healthcare topics that can be researched through the use of social media?
T3. Are you in favor of open access publishing of researches or dissemination of research using SoMe? Why or why not?

See you in Twitter!


  1. Nonie Leonidas
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