Online bashing: What would you do as a healthcare professional?

Social media has definitely gained the attention of the healthcare industry in the Philippines. Quite a number of healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions took advantage of the growing social media penetration in the Philippines  and launched their own social media profiles. This move has its advantage. It too has its risks, like online bashing.

Yes. Your social media “space’ when shared online, becomes public space. A good reputation online is a must for a healthcare professional or institution. Online bashing could be in the form of  status updates, tweets, or altered pictures  posted online by patient, a healthcare professional or healthcare group and directed towards a patient, another HCP or a healthcare group. What if someone posted rants against an you as an HCP, a patient, or an HCI?   As a healthcare professional, what would you do?

Join us this Saturday March 1, 2014 10:00 AM Philippine Standard Time (UTC + 8 ) on #HealthXPh tweet chat and Hangout On Air as we discuss this fiery topic[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • T1 : If a patient rants online about you as a healthcare professional, how should you respond?
  • T2: If one HCP rants  against another HCP, what do you do?
  • T3: If an HCP reads something unflattering in patient forum, not a rant but bad nonetheless. Should HCP confront?[/unordered_list]Pitch in your response or advise by joining us tomorrow at tweet chat with hashtag #HealthXPh and Google Hangout On Air! Sparks will fly starting 10:00 AM (UTC + 8)  tomorrow Saturday March 1, 2014.