Pushing for a Healthcare Social Media Policy in the Philippines

The Philippines is fast becoming a social media hub of the world. While it rises as the most socially connected country, patient privacy issues continue to hound the predominantly conservative Philippine healthcare community. Have we really learned from these social media controversies?

Apparently we have not and collectively, we have a long way to go.

After every hyped controversy, the interest on policies and guidelines wanes. The impetus is trapped in a sinkhole and then goes with it too. It never usually passes the drawing board. Violations of patient privacy are a regular social media occurrence again. Few patients complain and we revert back to where we started before.

Which is none.

We don’t have HIPAA law. We have the broader electronic and e-commerce law purportedly covering healthcare privacy issues but it never really had the teeth to even enforce its main provisions. I have yet to know of a healthcare institution with a rock solid social media guideline in the Philippines. A few HCIs drafted their own social media policies. For most however, the move fizzled faster than its creation.

I am not oversimplifying an issue. I understand that healthcare social media privacy violations are a multifactorial problem and needs to be addressed by all healthcare stakeholders. Sustaining a move to implement a healthcare social media guideline seems to be a sinkhole of enthusiasm. Why?

Lets rock healthcare again by nit picking issues and strategizing on social media policy for institutions. Join us this Saturday 9PM PST as we tackle head on why social media policies hibernates on a sinkhole. Why is it not moving?

  • T1: Expound on one major reason why you are AGAINST a social media policy for healthcare institutions. Curtailment of freedom space? ROIs?
  • T2: If you are a decision maker in an HCI, give one reason that will CONVINCE you of enforcing a social media policy in your institution.
  • T3: Do you think we should amend or supplement the current electronic, digital and e-commerce law to include more specific healthcare privacy laws or we need to draft an entirely new HIPAA like law in the Philippines?

Let’s debate and collaborate! Join the discussions on tweetchat tonight 9PM Manila  time and push forward a #HCSM policy for institutions!