Should we teach the value of using social media in healthcare to medical students?

medical students
In one of the earlier #HealthXPh tweetchats (in the absence of local studies), the perception was that social media usage for healthcare in the Philippines appears to be not that popular yet among Filipino physicians. Experiences while in medical school could be key. We have to remember medical doctors were once medical students.

The current medical students most likely belong to the Millenial or the Net generation. They are considered digital natives who are said to be internet and social media savvy. But does this necessarily translate into usage of social media for healthcare and medicine in the future by these medical students as doctors?

This is the context for this Saturday’s edition of #HealthXPh. Which brings us to the following questions for the upcoming #HealthXPh tweetchat this Saturday, May 3, 2014 10 AM Philippine time followed by the Hangout-on-Air at 11:30 AM Philippine time:

  • T1: Based on your observations, how do medical students in your locality use social media? Do they use if for healthcare?
  • T2: Do you believe we should include the value and use of social media in healthcare and medicine in the medical school curriculum? Why or why not?
  • T3: How can medical students contribute to healthcare with the use of social media?

Pat Rich (@cmaer) recently appealed to medical educators in his blog to “Please teach medical students about the value of using social media in health care and medicine”. Will you respond to his plea?


  1. Nonie LEONIDAS
  2. Nonie LEONIDAS