Social Media in Emergency Preparedness

The use of social networks to communicate emergency, safety and preparedness information has now, in 2014, is slowly becoming a standard operating procedure for quite a few emergency response organizations. In the recent widespread global health concern which is Ebola, social media has played a major role in public awareness and means for information dissemination. In fact I first read about the first case of Ebola via social media and still continuing to do so. With majority of us being mobile users we are now becoming to be a socially media informed community.

With this please join us in discussing the relevance of Social Media in Emergency Preparedness running through the following questions:

1- How can Social media contribute to emergency preparedness and public health?
2- Can you cite examples where social media was used effectively as a tool in emergency preparedness?
3- Are there any areas where social media can improve more in the emergency response preparedness in communities?

We’d love to see you all on October 25 at 9pm MLA time and 9am EST! Join us!

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