Technology in medical education: Beneficial or a distraction?

There are some schools including medical schools that ban gadgets especially inside a classroom. In these cases, gadgets are believed to be a distraction as there is the fear that students might be texting, surfing the net, or opening some entertaining apps instead of listening to a lecture, performing an experiment, accomplishing an exercise or studying. Gadgets might also lead to class disruption.

On the other hand, gadgets if used properly and responsibly, are also believed to enhance learning. With this, what might be considered a distraction may be turned into a learning tool instead In fact, it is said that in a 21st century school, banning phones and tablets is an obsolete thing. Banning gadgets is compared to depriving students of access to a vast source of knowledge especially when cellphones nowadays are not just for texting.

There are indeed opposing views regarding the use of technology in medical education.

How about you? Do you consider technology a distraction to learning? Or do you have an experience of using technology to enhance learning that you want to share? We would like to hear from you this Saturday 9 PM Philippine time for another hour of #HealthXPh tweetchat. These are the questions we will tackle:

T1. In the context of medical education, is the use of gadgets inside a classroom beneficial to learning or a distraction?

T2. Enumerate ways social media can be used as a tool for medical education by medical teachers.

T3. Enumerate ways social media can be used by medical students to enhance learning.

See you this Saturday June 6, 2015!