The Controversy of Social Media

This will be a short post since one, it came in late and two, it’s filled with questions specifically spinning off from the recent ADA 2017 conference where as stated in their Photography and Audiovisual Recording Policy the ADA states: “Taking of photos of or recording the content of meeting room slides, poster presentations, and supporting materials is prohibited, considering intellectual piracy and unethical. And that attendees who ignore this policy will be at risk of losing their badge credentials.”

In this world where medical conferences are quite pricey and I must admit that I really learn a lot from those physically present on the conference tweeting for us from across the globe to learn very helpful. What happened during the ADA made me question the following –

1- What is ethical practice in using social media when attending conferences?
2- In your opinion should tweeting, FB live be allowed during conventions?
3- How can we further the use of social media in conferences so others may also learn from it even when not physically present?

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