The Doctor-Patient Correspondence

During the last #HealthXPh chat we have thoroughly discussed the use or benefits, if I may term it this way, of SMS exchanges between doctor and patient. We got quite a number of answers leading to its benefits however disclaimers must be used or a separate SMS number to be able to distinguish professional “medical business” and personal.

In today’s technological advancements and with the existence of “virtual clinics” we would like to discuss in this coming chat the uses or benefits of the email correspondence.

In any doctor/patient communication, a good one at that, being able to accessible is key to building a solid foundation between the two parties. A personal experience draws me close to emailing leading to a good working relationship to both peers and patients.

As a continuation of last week’s chat here are the questions which we look forward in discussing with you:

T1- If a patient asks for your email address will you give it? Why or why not?

T2- What health information can be safely disclosed in an mail?

T3- In your setting, how is email used to engage patients?

Take home thoughts: What is the key message you would want to convey to help us grow further?

Join us at #HealthXPh on January 25 at 10:00 AM Manila Philippines time.

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