The Doctor-Patient Fit

We all have become patients at one point in our lives and we all seek for what we term as “good” care. In this particular discussion we would like to get your feedback on what your parameters are in seeking for a good healthcare professional. In the Philippines, the website contains a registry of doctors, their respective specialties and hospital/clinic affiliations, and in the comments box feedback from patients on how appreciative they are that they are able to find a specialty which they did not know existed from our end of the globe and the like, isolated feedback on how they found the doctors’ services were also mentioned.

Navigating through the healthcare system to find that near-perfect fit in being able to label the type of care behind a good doctor-patient relationship is an aspect that we think is worth looking into — methods in checking into the key performance indicators such as the use of MD registries equipped with feedback can be one possible solution.

In this week’s #HealthXPh chat we are cordially inviting you and would appreciate your inputs in the following:

T1- What is your definition of a “good” doctor? Any parameters used?
T2- How does one go about finding a “good” doctor based on the definition above?
T3- What parameters should ideally be present in an MD rating system/registry online?

Closing thought: What key messages would you want to relay to the community as a healthcare professional and as a patient?

Join us for another #HealthXPh chat on May 10, 2014 at 10 am Manila Philippines time. A Google Hangout On Air (HOA) follows at 11 am. See you!


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