The e-Patient Revolution

Educated. Enabled. Engaged. Electronic. Expert. Equipped. Expressive. Empowered – these are just some out of the many adjectives that describe what an e-Patient is. Based on Wikipedia, an e-Patient is a health consumer who participates fully in his/her medical care.

As a physician I personally believe that this is a very important aspect in more collaboration in healthcare more than anything else, after all improving patient care is not so much more on the environment and physical ambiance we see but more on how we treat the patients not just as individuals who are suffering from an ailment but more of the holistic approach. A little less than two months ago, Andy @cancergeek and I launched the #MyIdealPtExp movement with goals that we would get more insights on how the healthcare landscape ideally should be in the eyes of patients. In today’s chat we discuss more on how we can take this a bit further and perhaps come up with our version of a patient’s manifesto to give more POWER in the emPOWERED.

With this here are the discussion points raised:

T1- How do you define an e-Patient?
T2- How do we further empower patients to shift and take a proactive side in taking care of their health?
T3- What, for you, is an ideal patient experience?

Join us on Saturday May 23 at 9pm MLA/9am EST as we gather again and happily brainstorm together! See you!


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