The Power of the Pen

There are a few quotes that have touched my life, one of which is this– Your life is your story to the world, make it worth telling.

These past chats have all been about learning and the continued quest for it, various topics have been discussed and it all resounded to one message of being able to educate, increase awareness and eventual practice. Let us shift a bit on today’s chat and get down to the, as what the title states, the power of the “pen”. Blogging nowadays are more diverse in topics from fashion to healthcare. We will be dwelling more on healthcare as we speak.

As a patient and breast cancer survivor I have shared my journey via blogging last year and likewise as a doctor have learned a lot from blogs made by patients. These have all been very significant in both my practice in terms of being able to know patients’ feedback and as a patient too in terms of being able to draw strength in the communities and personal blogs of patients who have undergone literally good times and bad times. A lot of blogs have been featured at the website of Internet Medicine (thanks to Dr. Iris Tan @endocrine_witch) for the link at which I would like to encourage you to check it out and browse through it drawing down to the following questions for today’s #HealthXPh chat:

T1- Do you read patients’ or HCPs’ blogs? If yes what elements do you look for that draws you to it?
T2- In the realm of medical education, what can students learn from reading patients’ blogs?
T3- Do you think that there should be a limit in sharing personal experiences in blogs? Privacy issues?

Join us for another #HealthXPh chat on August 30 at 9pm MLA time/ 9am EST! We’d love to hear your inputs!

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