The Role of Social Media on Preventive Health

At #HealthXPh we have been discussing the impact of social media to healthcare in the Philippines. In this session of healthxph chat, we’d be focusing on social media and how it can improve health promotions and healthcare compliance. The possibility of using social media to  shift focus on preventive  rather than curative health will also be discussed.

Social media platforms like twitter has been used extensively in disaster preparedness and in rapid information dissemination of emergent public health concerns.

A study published explored how different motivation factors affect user behaviour through social media. Using a “healthcare compliance website with built in behaviour analysis” , the found that “people using social media for healthcare compliance may be motivated differently and act strategically during their social interactions”.

Healthcare professionals also took advantage of Facebook wider population penetration locally to advocate preventive health. Dr. Willie Ong, and his Dr. Willy Ong Health Tips Facebook page has been doing it successfully for years.  Our very own Dr. Iris Isip Tan of Endocrine Witch, also explored blogging and facebook to engage patients on preventive health on diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

Another study reported an interesting finding:

 Engagement with Twitter was related to weight loss and participants mainly used Twitter to provide Information support to one another through status updates.

Wether these studies and experiences may be strategically incorporated to public health programs for preventive health, is the gists of this discussion. Join us on Nov 21, 2015, Saturday (PM Manila Time , as #healthXph tweet chat on social media and its role on preventive health.

  • T1. Is there a role for social media in preventive health?
  • T2. What are the best practices in implementing social media in preventive and health promotions.
  • T3. How should one evaluate the impact of  social media on preventive health?