What is #HealthXPh?

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#HealthXPh is a  collaborative effort  by healthcare stakeholders (e.g. healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions, academe, patients, policy makers)  to discuss and use, emerging technologies and social media to positively impact the Philippine health landscape.[/box]

While social media has been in the Philippines for quite sometime, collaboration between various healthcare stakeholders is a new thing for most of us. The following statements are what #HealthXPh could be.

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    • It’s a collaborative effort of healthcare stakeholders- healthcare professionals, institutions, academe, patients and policy makers.
    • It will discuss, use and continually push the boundaries of social media and other emerging technologies to impact the Philippine health landscape.
    • It aims to educate all healthcare stakeholders.
    • It encourages collaboration and application of emerging technologies to improve delivery of  healthcare.
    • It is open and free to all the stakeholders.
    • Social media is going to impact Philippine healthcare. With #HealthXPh, we want to make it a positive one.
    • Social media opens new possibilities to participatory medicine practice in the Philippines. #HealthXPh is taking advantage of that.
    • Social media and other emerging technology is making it easier for patients to access their healthcare professionals, institutions and policy makers. #HealthXPh will give insights on how to effectively manage this upsurge.
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What #HealthXPh will not do?

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    • It will not be a clinic online.
    • It will not replace the doctor-patients interactions inside a clinic.
    • It will not treat patients.
    • It will not pass judgement or bias on any healthcare issue but will maintain a healthy, lively discussions to educate.
    • It will not undermine authority, nor attack stakeholders to promote issues.
    • It will not jeopardize the doctor-patient privileges.[/unordered_list]

These statements are still proposals and are subject to the discussions on #HealthXPh community. We encourage healthcare stakeholders  to participate in the discussions at #HealthXPh on Google Plus. We will be live online on Google Hangout starting this January 2014.

An introductory Google Hang Out on Air for core panelist will happen on December 28, 2013 Saturday 10 AM.

(Photo credits to@amanda_lyons at www.visualsforchange.com )