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All Set for the 2nd #HealthXPh Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit (#hcsmph) at the PICC

In this upcoming second summit in Manila on April 21, 2016, #HealthXPh will be bringing the discussion a step further into the healthcare social media landscape . "From click to brick" (this year's summit tagline) will teach participants ethical, practical and hands on social media skills to level up their healthcare portfolio. #HealthXPh will hope to teach participants basic social media skill and align it with their healthcare goals.


Social media in healthcare education, inclusion or just distraction?

There are stinging questions to the value social media in educating healthcare or would be healthcare professionals. Would incorporating social media in healthcare education really improve the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills, of future healthcare professionals?Join us this Saturday August 8, 2015 9PM as we discuss the value of healthcare social media in medical education. Is it a distinction or just a distraction?