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How social media feedback could improve a healthcare professional’s quality of care

The authenticity and transparency of social media placed a balance to the equation of care by providing a platform for the patient's voice. The quality of care mirror, isn't limited to our peers or experts anymore. It went past beyond the structured patient personal satisfaction survey to the social media platforms- healthcare's social mirror. The questions are "Can social media feedback improve quality of care by physicians? How?"

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What healthcare professionals should know about social media profiles and industry guidelines

There seem to be confusion on what constitute private space on social media. Also, there's a dichotomy between "personal" and "professional" social media profiles. There are still HCPs believing one profile does not overlap each other even though both represent only one and the same person. Join us this Saturday April 25, 2015 9:00 PM Manila time, as we discuss healthcare social media profiles and industry guidelines.