Attitudes to nurture for today’s health professionals

physician with right attitudes, heart

The need to give importance to attitudes in education/training

The health professions deal with patients’ lives. Thus it is really expected that training in these professions put much importance on knowledge and mastery of skills. There might be a tendency for some training institutions to neglect an equally important aspect of education — attitudes, which are very important in dealing therapeutically with patients, especially.

In the Philippines, it comes as great news that the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) realizes the importance of the attitudinal component in education. In the Doctor of Medicine program for example, Program outcomes set as a minimum standard by CHED include “Collaborate with interprofessional teams”, “Adgere to ethical, professional and legal standards”, “Demonstrate nationalism, internationalism, and dedication to service”, and “Practice the principles of social accountability”.

From experience, I get feedback regarding some health professionals putting more emphasis on paperworks and “forgetting” patient assessment and patient care. Some would not be excited joining rounds with consultants. Some healthcare workers don’t work well with colleagues from other health professions. I’m sure you have heard about doctor shaming and incidents of miscommunication between patients and health professionals resulting to complaints which are sometimes made public thru traditional or social media.

Tweetchat points for discussion

It’s about time we also focus on attitudes in health professions education.

This Saturday 9 PM Manila time #HealthXPh invites everyone especially educators in the health professions and health professionals themselves in Twitter.

We ask,

With the current generation of students on the different health professions,

T1. What attitudes need to be emphasized and nurtured in health professions education?

T2. How do we effectively encourage these attitudes among students/trainees in the health professions?

T3. What best practices can you share regarding evaluating attitudes in health professions education or training?

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