Community Building in Social Media

I just came out from a lecture particularly focusing on building online communities towards advocacies, which brings us to the topic for the tweet chat today on sustaining communities built around social media platforms. Wikipedia defines Community building as a field of practice directed towards the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a region or with a common interest. I came about an article published at Forbes written by George Bradt, it carried with it an approach to community building utilizing the BRAVE approach by Peter Friedman. BRAVE is a framework in social media that stands for behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values and environment.

Social channels have now evolved into platforms that are utilized to further engagements that were built towards community building that is all inclusive. We focus on conversations that matter and sustain and build one towards advocacies we feel strongly about, that’s how #HealthXPh started, we carried on a common passion on promoting the responsible use of social media tools in healthcare, for today’s chat let’s converse on your respective communities or respective passions at that. A community may be formed in several ways leading towards strengthening it towards sustainability – Common interests shared across those involved; a sense of cohesiveness leading to joint actions towards a unified goal; Building social networks; and Diversity amongst the community.

With this let’s discuss –

T1- What are the approaches one can take towards virtual community building using social media?
T2- How do you further connect and sustain these communities utilizing social media?
T3- What are the personal values you must have in being able to work towards community building keeping social media in mind? How can you promote them?

Join us on 9/17 at 9pm MLA/ 9am EST and let’s all learn from each other! See you!