Including Patients in Medical Conferences


Patients and Patient advocates during the 2nd Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit


Physicians and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) attend conferences ultimately to help improve patient care. If this is so, why not make patients actively participate in these conferences? A lot can be learned from patients’ experiences and insights.  Patients narratives have been mentioned in this blog before as something that can help HCPs “think of new approaches, and thus, possibly more effective methods of care.”

The concept of a Patients Included conference charter was started by Lucien Engelen when she realized there was so much talk about what patients need at a big conference she attended and yet there were no patients in attendance. This was the beginning of the movement for a Patients Included conference.

Medical societies in the Philippines have yet to organize a Patients Included conference or convention where patients are included in the speakers’ lineup aside from being part of the audience.

#HealthXPh has made history for organizing the first Patients Included conference in the country (the 2nd Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit) with the help of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations and other partners. With the active participation of patients and patient advocates/patient support, the event was able to produce useful outputs including a Patient’s Manifesto for Social Media which we will share here in the near future.

Considering of having a Patients Included Conference? Join us tonight May 7, 2016 Saturday 9 PM Philippine time in Twitter as we discuss the following:

t1. what are the advantages or benefits of having patients included conferences?
t2. what are the barriers/challenges to having Patients Included conferences?
t3. How can we promote Patient Included conferences among medical societies or associations?
We hope to also have patients in the tweetchat tonight. Happy weekend. And please pray for a peaceful election in the Philippines.